Diane M. Hoekstra, PhD, LLC

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Hoekstra is a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist.  She focuses on the present moment experience of the client in the room, including their thoughts, feelings and their experience in the body.  She is guided by Attachment Theory, an exquisite model of human growth and development.


Dr. Hoekstra’s practice focuses on individual therapy with adults.  She treats a variety of presenting concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, perinatal mood disorders and trauma.  She recognizes that healing can occur on many levels—the physical body, emotions, beliefs, sense of self and one’s spirituality. Dr. Hoekstra works in collaboration with her clients to develop a treatment plan based on each client’s goals, preferences and needs.  She works collaboratively with psychiatrists, holistic, mind-body practitioners and integrative medicine practices.


To book an appointment, contact Dr. Hoekstra by emailing or calling directly and she will get back to you. On this website, you can find clear directions to reach her office. Taking the first step to contact a therapist is the most difficult one.  She extends a warm welcome, knowing that asking for help is a strength and an important skill.

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